January 5, 2015

Issuu App

I was looking for a company that could publish my PDF documents online for free. After what felt like an endless search I found Yumpu.com. It’s free and they could quickly publish my PDF documents in an ePaper. Yumpu also allows me the ability to embed the ePaper into my blog and all of my social media accounts. I have tried the Issuu App, but the free version gave me limited options. I could not upload to my social media sites and it was slow to upload and convert to an ePaper.

Issuu App

The Issuu App also only allows a certain number of uploads in a month for their free service. This can be very frustrating for me and my blog readers. I need something that is not going to restrict how many times a month I could publish my documents. Another issue I had was with the Issuu App, was its display on mobile devices, the ePaper was not displayed correctly which can be frustrating for readers. Another issue with the Issuu App is nobody on an iPhone or iPad will be able to read my work since Issuu uses flash to display my ePaper. Apple products do not use flash and Adobe has stopped updating flash for all mobile devices. Because of these limited resources of the Issuu App, this is what led me to search for other companies that could do the same thing.

After searching and trying several other companies as well as the Issuu App, I decided on the software. They are a free ePaper publishing service that can convert a PDF document into an online magazine. Readers can read the magazine in full screen mode and the pages turn just like a real magazine. Readers can zoom in or out to increase the font size as well as switch between page display modes. The software does more than just file uploading and converting PDF’S to ePaper, they also store your files in the cloud. This means that all of your ePaper magazines are stored and can be accessed through the web.

Using PDF’s such as ePaper

To begin using Yumpu you have to register on their website. It’s completely free no hidden costs and once you finish the registration process, you can begin uploading your first online magazine. The Company’s product gives readers a fresh reading experience. It is also integrated with the most popular social media sites. You can also embed it into your webpage or send a copy by email to any of your friends who do not use social media. In a growing digital age, there are several benefits of using ePaper magazines instead of using PDF’s such as ePaper has the ability to be embedded into a website or blog and can be read on any device. This is one problem that Issuu App has, is its inability for readers using Apple products to use this app because of a flash issue and its failure to allow it’s users to use hyperlinks. Issuu App stores all the information on their site so if a reader did a web search for your magazine they would be directed to Issuu.com.

The software is interactive and does allow you to embed hyperlinks that will take you readers to the link you specify. They have doubled the page views compared to downloadable PDF’S. Its presentation is user-friendly and offers the readers a natural reading feel with double-sided pages. EPaper magazines have 12 times more readers than any other type of uploadable magazine format, as well as the ability to be shared on the major social media platforms. They are also faster to load than the traditional PDF’S. All of these benefits were concluded as part of a study conducted by Digital Publishing back in 2013.

Special operating system to download

I have never been a huge social media person. I know how to use it, but I don’t know how to get the greatest benefits out of it. EPaper documents that I upload to my website, I have recently found out that I can share them through social media. I can share my content with users who want to see it. Once I began tweeting some ePapers I began to gain more followers which in turn brings more readers and more traffic. I cannot believe how easy the service’s ePaper is to use. There isn’t any complicated browser code or a special operating system to download in order to be able to use it. Being able to embed hyperlinks that take users to your web store or directly to your site is a benefit each user of the software gets, unlike the Issuu App where your hyperlinks take your readers to their site. The documents also load faster than a PDF would, making ePaper a better user experience for everyone.

Since I switched to the service ePaper, I have had an increase in traffic not only on my social media accounts, but also on my website. Because of the ease of the service, I use them exclusively to publish my PDF’s. If you are in the market for an easy publishing solution that is free and delivers quality content I highly recommend the software. Yumpu allows you to embed on any of your favorite platforms and is supported on mobile and desktop devices. You can customize it for search engine optimization. Its integrated for use on all social media platforms. The software also allows you to embed audio and video into your publications as well as a link to your personal web store. With over a million avid readers the software is the only tool you need.

December 30, 2014

Issuu alternative 4 epaper

Yumpu an excellent Issuu alternative

Yumpu.com is a wonderful way to publish documents. I first discovered Yumpu while I was searching for a Issuu alternative. I had a wide variety of documents that I have to publish to the internet on a regular basis. I was trying to find company that would help me publish my documents online quickly and cheaply. Unfortunately I had several problems when I searched for a tool that would let me publish my documents. Issuu was one site I had been using, but they were too expensive. I needed to find a cheap and easy Issuu alternative.

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Yumpu Review
November 15, 2014

Yumpu.com Review

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SlideShare pro
November 15, 2014

SlideShare Pro Users, don’t waste your money!

As a professional with an online entity, I was searching all over for a free solution/alternative to SlideShare Pro to publish my documents. The problems I encountered in most of the services out there included slow uploading and the inability to embed files and display documents on mobile devices.

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November 12, 2014

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SlideShare Competitor
November 12, 2014

Slideshare Competitor / Alternative

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Issuu vs Flipsnack
November 11, 2014

Issuu vs Flipsnack

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Issuu vs Uberflip
October 1, 2014

Issuu vs Uberflip

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September 23, 2014

Issuu vs Zmags. You Can Do Better!

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